Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's been a busy last couple of weeks for me at Lokahi Acupuncture. Anna took a well-deserved vacation - and I have a feeling she will come back recharged, full of energy, and with lots of great thoughts to share on this blog!

Anna being gone left me treating both my own patients, as well as a number of hers, who were so kind to put their trust in me in Anna's absence. It's been a great and rewarding experience to be so busy, and our patients are all such lovely, dear, wonderful people that the interactions with them always leave me feeling uplifted and inspired. People come to us for their healing, but there is very much a mutual healing experience going on. I draw something of value from every patient I see. Some patients crack me up with their jokes. Others inspire me with their dedication to healing their body and spirit. Others yet take me on a mini-vacation by recounting their travels. Many share personal struggles, expanding my awareness of the spectrum of human experience and heightening my sense of compassion. Everyone, without exception, brings something that brightens my day or helps me grow in some way. It's beautiful.

The best part about this practice, for me, is when people walk in irritable, tense, frustrated, maybe angry, sad, or depressed... and walk out after the treatment with a smile on their faces, telling me how much calmer and more relaxed they feel. Oh, and, come to think about it, the pain is gone, too! They feel looser. Less tense. They feel like they can go back out into the world and deal.

Acupuncture puts you in a very deep and relaxed state. In my own experience of receiving acupuncture treatments, the sessions have often felt like an opportunity to reconnect with myself. Go within.

In the midst of the busy last few weeks - networking events and other appointments interspersed in my already busy schedule - I faced the need to maintain the connection with myself. Find the right balance, so that I would be able to give to my patients the best energy I could possibly give. Since my acupuncturist was away on vacation ;), an acupuncture treatment to achieve this goal wasn't an option.

Last weekend, my husband suggested going on a hike. I was reluctant at first, given that I had a long list of things which needed to be taken care of at home. But he talked me into it, and I was so glad he did. The hike refreshed my spirit. It was so invigorating and centering and left me with a sense of serenity, which I was able to carry with me through the week. I was reminded of the incredible power that nature has in helping us to reconnect. With ourselves, first and foremost. And, once we have established that connection with ourselves, it becomes that much easier to connect in a balanced and meaningful way with the world around us.

I know I will be going back for more of this wonderful, grounding energy this weekend. Back for another hike, maybe two.

Wishing you a relaxing Memorial Day weekend with plenty of time to reconnect - with yourself, with nature, with family and friends.