Sunday, June 24, 2007

Community connections

It has been a long time since I wrote, and this time it is not me on holiday, but Angie. Sweet, dear Angie, without whom Lokahi Acupuncture would be in disarray!

I have been pondering the importance of having community lately. My husband and a friend have gone on a surf trip, leaving me without a husband, as well as without Angie. The two people in my life whom I rely on to keep me on track, to whom I voice concerns, bounce ideas off and trust for feedback.

In all honesty, I have been thoroughly enjoying the quiet space and some alone time. But I think I might feel a bit lonely had I not known that I have a whole community out there upon which I can rely if something goes wrong or it I need a chat. And that feels so amazing. Just now, a client emailed saying that he had made a huge batch of guacamole, and did I want some? About 10 mins later, I had biked to his house, picked up the guac and checked in with him. How cool is that? And on the way home, I passed another neighbor who asked about the boys surf trip.

It is so important for us humans to have interaction with others. We are such sociable beings, and I wonder just how much of this stress-related disease we see is due to our lack of connection not only with ourselves, but also with others.

~ Anna