Thursday, March 22, 2007

doing what you love and loving what you do

To pick up where Anna left off... though, wait, I ought to introduce myself, as well! I'm Angie, the second acupuncturist at Lokahi Acupuncture. I had the pleasure of joining Anna in her practice in September of 2006. It was one of those cool synchronicities, where the universe led us to each other and we instantly clicked! Like a "business love at first sight!" ;) I am loving every moment of working and interacting with Anna and all the wonderful patients here at Lokahi Acupuncture!

So back to Anna's train of thought... When I left my networking group today, I ended a conversation by saying I needed to head to the office. The response I got was something along the lines of "Yeah, don't we all know that...," and it was delivered with a hint of a sigh. I realized at that moment (once again) that I, unlike many others, very much look forward to going to the office/to work! Anna set up the office beautifully long before I joined her, and it has a very calming and relaxing feel to it. Our patients and visitors often comment on it. They say that, as soon as they step in the door and smell the subtle fragrance of the aromatherapy lamp we keep going in our office, hear the soothing sound of trickling water from our fountain in the waiting area, as well as the soft music we play in the background, they instantly feel a sense of relaxation. They find themselves taking deep breaths and letting go of the worries, stresses and tension of their day. In fact, some patients have said that maybe they ought to just come and sit for a while on days they don't have appointments scheduled, as being in this healing environment alone helps them to feel better.

The environment, of course, only sets the stage for the magic that takes place inside the treatment rooms. That's where the real healing and relaxation happen, and people walk out at the end of a session refreshed, revitalized, and ready to face whatever the challenges the world may throw their way!

The other day, as I was treating a patient, she commented: "You really seem to enjoy what you do and care about the outcome!" She sounded surprised. Yes! I absolutely love what I do! And you bet I care about the outcome! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing!

To some people, doing something you love for a living seems to be a novel concept. For generations, it has been hammered in to us that work should be hard. Not fun! More and more, people are discovering that they actually can make a living doing something they love! I encourage everyone to follow their passion and choose a profession that brings them fulfilment and joy. If changing jobs isn't an option at the moment for whatever reason, consider rethinking your attitude towards your work. Could your job become something you love? At one of my first jobs as a waitress back in NY, there was a window cleaner who came to our restaurant every week. Now, most people wouldn't consider window cleaning a job they could be passionate about. But this man brought his passion to everything he did, and he always had a smile on his face and hummed a cheerful tune whilst doing his work. He had a friendly word for everyone he met, and he loved his job!

Here's to loving the work we do and contributing to the world in a meaningful and rewarding way - no matter on how small a level! We all have something to give to the world, and nothing is more fulfilling than tapping into our potential and letting our light shine!