Saturday, March 24, 2007

laughter as medicine

So, last evening started as Friday evenings tend to in our house - Dave (my husband) and I decompressing at the local pub. We ride our bikes into downtown San Jose to have a pint of beer, sit, chat and check in with one another. Not that I am promoting beer as something that could be categorized as "good" for your health, but I think that the overriding benefits of proper decompression, some sense of ritual, and the social aspects of it out do the negative's of our pint-a-week drinking habit. So, anyways, a friend joined us last night. We met him 11 years ago while living in Japan. We caught up, chatted, laughed and proceeded to a fabulous Japanese joint that serves the equivalent of tapas, Japanese-style. Another few hours of talk and laughter ensued, and a beautiful evening happened. This morning, the sun is shining, I am tired, and my body dosen't feel 100%, but my soul is rejuvenated. What a blessing! Happy weekend all...
~ Anna